7 Golden Tips For Seniors to stay active 

by Simon Roll Alive & Active

I have run Alive & Active for over 10 years now, training seniors in residential and retirement homes from the ages of 65 to 105. I have been working with them, so they can stay active and independent as possible through my exercise classes. Here are my 7 Golden Tips For Seniors to stay active.

  1. Overload!!!
  This means pushing your boundaries and working that bit harder than you thought    you could.  If you merely work in your comfort zone, you’ll see little or no improvement as quite simply, your body doesn’t need to!
2.  Exercise every day, little but often
.  Unused muscles get weaker and smaller, so everyday tasks get harder to do. Weakened muscles designed to support joints become lax which leads to pain and discomfort.

3. Work on posture.  Strengthening your core muscles and improving posture will improve your balance. 

4. Go for regular eye tests.  Poor sight is major factor in falls.

5. Re-evaluate your walking pattern.  Due to bad habits, confidence and lack of strength our walking technique changes increasing your chance of a trip or fall.  A small correction can make a big difference.

 6. Target your weak spot!  It’s easy to ignore the thing we find the hardest but improving this, can really change your quality of life for the better.

7. Finally, enjoy yourself!  Make it fun, add music, invite a friend or include the grandchildren!  Release those happy hormones and start living life to the max!

Now, there are two exercise DVD’s condensing all my knowledge and experience for seniors to take part in from the safety of their own home, whenever you want…..hopefully every day!
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Regular exercise can keep you fit and help you stay independent as you age.
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