Well it's a new year and a new start here for us at Alive & Active and we would like to welcome you to the first of many blogs!  If you want to write to us with your fabulous stories of keeping active or send your photos doing your exercises then this is where you'll see them posted.  You can also visit here to find great hints, tips and plenty of encouragement for staying active and healthy.

We truly hope that you've had a good Christmas and have started the new year feeling a lot brighter than the Great British weather!

Yes, it's a little rainy and miserable outside but don't let that deter you from getting motivated.  See below for the first of many practical ideas on staying active and staying dry!

Tip of the Week

Use Your Thresholds! 
Each and every time you walk from one room to another, use the door threshold as a reminder to improve your posture.  To do this, imagine you are being a pulled up by a string that runs the length of your body and exits through the top of your head.  Tuck in your bottom, hold your tummy in and bring your shoulders back.  You'll be surprised how many doors you walk through every day!

The better your posture, the less backache and neckache you'll have.  It will improve your walking technique and reduce the possibility of falls.