Making a difference in Scotland!

At the end of last year, we received the most amazing email from Christine, the Senior Support Worker at the Muirshiel Resource Centre in Port Glasgow, Scotland.

Christine's letter is extremely special to Simon and I.  It gives real-life examples, demonstrating how it's never too late to do something positive for yourself and that good quality exercise really does work.   Although we have never met Jeannie and Rose, we are humbled to hear the impact that our seated exercise DVD, made in Kent, could make to these determined ladies and their friends, in Scotland.

              "We are Muirshiel Resource Centre from Port Glasgow in Scotland, we cater for people with various needs from Alzheimer's to elderly frail. We are involved with the Care Inspectorate C.A.P.A.(care about physical activity) programme. We had sourced a DVD they had recommended and found it to be unsuitable as it would have put you to sleep. So on sourcing other materials we came across the Alive and Active and we purchased the 1st one.

We have 2 groups of 10 service users participating one on a Monday and the other on a Tuesday. All our service users live within the community and we are encouraging them to stay as mobile as possible. If they want a soft drink we have a fridge out with our kitchen where they can help themselves to drinks rather than staff getting it for them.

All of our group are thoroughly enjoying your DVD and exercises and a few of them have purchased them along will balls and bands. We have a few examples of the benefits our service users are seeing, one lady Jeannie said her daughters have noticed a big improvement on how she gets in and out of the car, Rose has ventured into Glasgow by herself( 15-20 min train journey) this is something she has not been able to do due to her being unsteady on her feet. After doing the exercises she has noticed a marked improvement in her balance and her confidence allowing her to get back some independence. Another of our ladies has asked for more exercises to be included in the daily programme throughout the week. Bearing in mind all these ladies are in their 80's."


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